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DoorDash Says Men Should Receive Flowers on Valentine’s Day



If dead men could talk—or better yet, sing—they would tell us that putting flowers on their graves is a lovely gesture, but they would rather have had those buds while they were alive to enjoy them.

They can’t wake up and smell the roses, after all, since they “can’t wake up,” according to a playful new campaign from DoorDash that advocates sending flowers to men this Valentine’s Day.

The music-driven spot, more cheeky than morbid, uses a cemetery setting and some computer-generated effects to urge consumers to break the gender mold. Studies have found that most men get flowers for the first and, well, last time at their own funerals.

That insight has been circulating for several years, with TikTok posts showing (living) men’s reactions to receiving their first batches of flowers as gifts. Many of the clips, not surprisingly, have gone viral. And U.K. brand Interflora based its 2021 campaign for Father’s Day on the concept, referring to its study that found 88% of men had never received flowers.

New love language

DoorDash, with its agency Gut, aims to “disrupt the traditional narrative around the gift of flowers on this special day and invite everyone to expand their love languages,” per Mariota Essery, executive creative director at DoorDash.

With its original song, the long-form ad gives a number of male perspectives via animated photos on tombstones, including one distinguished gentleman who notes that “90 years I lived, not one Valentine got me flowers, now I’m six feet under and I get them by the hour.” What a waste, right?

The chorus intends to drive home the point: “Flowers are for everyone, for you and you and me, don’t wait until the day your guy is but a memory.”

Gender shouldn’t dictate who gets bouquets on Valentine’s Day, per DoorDash’s campaign from agency Gut.DoorDash

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