Home Marketing Oreo and Kris Jenner Rewrite History in Their Super Bowl 58 Ad

Oreo and Kris Jenner Rewrite History in Their Super Bowl 58 Ad

Oreo and Kris Jenner Rewrite History in Their Super Bowl 58 Ad


Everyone who has ever enjoyed an Oreo cookie knows the pleasure of twisting the top off to get to the cream center. But few have probably made lifelong decisions based on which hand the cream lands.

Oreo’s Super Bowl spot, done in partnership with The Martin Agency, will air in the second quarter of the game, and it finds that some moments in history, both long ago and recent, may have been the result of twisting an Oreo apart.

Kris Jenner is the star of the “Twist On It” spot, but before the reality show mom appears, we see scenarios where fate fell to the hands of a cookie twist.

The 90-second extended cut explains the concept in multiple scenes. First up is a group of cave people, who see a meteor headed to Earth and use an Oreo to decide if they will stay with the dinosaurs or hightail it out. Similar treatments are given to the guardians at the gate of Troy as they greet a Trojan horse, federal agents as they witness a UFO, a technologist as he decides to make a robot think for itself, and record industry executives as they debate if boy bands will be a thing.

Then Jenner appears, on the phone supposedly back in time at the moment when she decides if the Kardashian family will agree to have their entire life filmed.

The 30-second cut leaves out a few of the scenarios but gets the main twisting point across.

“That simple action can be a playful means to making any decision—from everyday life moments to the choices that changed the course of history. That’s the beauty of ‘Twist On It.’ Its iterations and applications are endless,” Brittany Tooker, creative director at The Martin Agency, said in a statement.

Twist rather than coin flip

The Mondelēz brand had plenty of consumer insight about people twisting Oreo cookies to get to the creamy center, but having people make decisions because of the twist is a new concept.

The brand calls itself a “playfully provocative brand” that tries to solve for the seriousness of adulthood, so it wondered what might happen if it made Oreo the decision-maker on everyday decisions. That grew into the broader concept of using the cookie as a decision-maker in multiple mini-stories.