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Opinion | Drone Swarms to the Rescue

The Pentagon’s latest idea is no substitute for a bigger Navy. Source link

Opinion | Station U.S. Troops in Poland, Not Germany

Warsaw and other allies on NATO’s eastern flank are vital to deterrence and are pulling their weight. Source link

Opinion | Ukraine Needs Weapons, Not U.S. Kibitzing

The prevailing views in Washington and Moscow are based on outdated assumptions about military strategy. Source link

Opinion | Save the Confederate Memorial at Arlington

A commission will tear down this monument to national healing by year’s end if we don’t act. Source link

Opinion | Iran’s Nukes Are a Thorn for Saudi-Israeli Peace

The Biden administration can mollify Riyadh by restoring enrichment restrictions on Tehran. Source link

Opinion | The Military Recruiting Crisis and Gen Z

Students discuss enlisting and serving in the armed forces. Source link

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