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Opinion | A Documentary Honors the ‘Magnificent Ukrainians’

A French philosopher and filmmaker embeds with troops, says Biden could turn the war for Kyiv. Source link

Opinion | Elizabeth Warren Takes on ‘Big Sandwich’

Could this be the theme for a Jimmy Johns ad? Source link

Opinion | Inflation Is Still on the Menu

Democratic politicians and commentators say we should stop worrying about inflation now that it’s cooled to 3.2%. They should try eating out. At a humble Turkish restaurant near...

Opinion | The IRS’s Act of $600 Mercy

The agency again postpones a new third-party 1099-K tax-form deluge. Source link

Opinion | Reverberations of Music From the Holocaust

Yiddish song narrates stories of how Jews treasured life amid terrible suffering. Source link

Opinion | Will Trump Be Indicted Into Office?

‘The people call Donald J. Trump.” So began Monday’s episode of the Democratic Party’s favorite legal drama, as Mr. Trump took the witness stand in Manhattan court. The...

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Experts worry that a U.S.-China cold war could turn hot

If there’s one thing both the U.S. Democratic and Republican parties can agree on, it’s being tough on China. The Biden administration has...

Republican National Convention focuses on Trump’s economic plans

The first night of the Republican National Convention kept its official focus on the economy Monday even after Saturday’s shooting at a rally in Pennsylvania...

Bosses and employees have wildly different expectations about how much time they can save with AI

Have you ever felt a mismatch between your own expectations and those of your boss? With the proliferation of Generative AI, that mismatch...

The Xreal Beam Pro has good ideas about AR — but not enough juice

There are two possible paths for augmented reality devices. One path is the all-in-one approach, which you might call the smartphone path or...

Third Space’s CEO follows an 80/20 rule for eating out, competes in triathlons at 54-years-old and has made startup investments he regrets

What would you do if you had a six-figure salary? Perhaps you’d never cook another meal again or indulge in a monthly Thai...