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Opinion | ‘Sorry’ for Being So Blunt

What a luxury anonymity is. In the Dark Age of cancel culture, the un-self-conscious behavior and unpoliced thoughts of a private citizen are underrated. Yes, the fervent hordes...

Opinion | Hollywood’s A-List Bribe for Peace

George Clooney and friends offer big bucks to stop a suicidal actors strike. Source link

Opinion | What a Long, Strange and Unsatisfying EV Trip It’s Been

A New York Times reporter struggles with an electric rental car. Source link

Opinion | Winfrey Distances Herself from Romney

Some thanks he gets for criticizing fellow Republicans. Source link

Opinion | An Israeli Painter’s Broad-Minded Brush

When Hamas attacked, I thought of Tal Mazliach, whom I visited last year on her kibbutz next to Gaza. Source link

Opinion | The NLRB Doesn’t Like Starbucks

We told you last summer about Starbucks’ complaint that the National Labor Relations Board was colluding with union representatives to tip organizing elections at its coffee stores in...

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Meet the co-owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks: A casino mogul trying to bring gambling to a reluctant state

As Game 3 of the NBA Finals tipped off at the American Airlines Center on Wednesday, Patrick Dumont, the new co-owner of the...

Colliding hot and cold fronts whipsaw the U.S. with extreme heat, flooding, and a chance of snow

After days of intense flooding in Florida, that state and many others are bracing for an intense heat wave, while the Pacific Northwest will experience...

Cannes Lions Award Entries Down 38% Compared to 2016 High

Whether a matter of time, cost or combination of other factors, the ad world isn’t submitting as much work to the Cannes Lions...

U.S. debt could threaten the economic growth that’s needed to keep the burden sustainable, former IMF official says

Even if the U.S. avoids some of the worst-case scenarios, ballooning debt and the cost of servicing it could eventually slow economic growth...

More Americans are suddenly planning to have babies and buy new homes, even as consumer sentiment sinks

The latest consumer sentiment gauge suggests more gloom about the economy, even as it remains strong, but another indicator may belie that weak...