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Opinion | Biden Boils the Religious-Liberty Frog

A series of innocuous-sounding regulations conceal an affront to the American faithful. Source link

Opinion | Want to Save the Planet? Where’s Your Union Card?

OpinionCommentaryIf you want to find the green in the state’s new plan, follow the money to organized labor. Source link

Opinion | House Republicans Make a Commitment to America

I stood on the steps of the U.S. Capitol along with 367 other Republican candidates for Congress. It was Sept. 27, 1994, and I was the GOP nominee...

Opinion | The NLRB’s War on Franchises, Part II

A resurrected regulation could blow up a highly successful business model. Source link

Opinion | Big Labor Eats Small Business in California

America’s leading antibusiness policy incubator, also known as the state of California, is at it again. The state Assembly passed the so-called FAST Recovery Act in January. It...

Opinion | Rising Interest Rates Will Crush the Federal Budget

The Federal Reserve’s policies of increasing interest rates and quantitative tightening—reducing its $8.9 trillion balance sheet—will increase the volume...

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Microsoft’s all-knowing Recall AI feature is being delayed

Microsoft is planning to launch its new Copilot Plus PCs next week without its controversial Recall feature that screenshots everything you do on...

Elon Musk’s $46 billion told-ya-so: love for ‘incredible’ shareholders, dunks on New York investors, and the promise of a 110x increase in value

Elon Musk walked out on stage and did a celebratory jumping jack. His arms stretched wide over his head as he hopped in...

CEOs make nearly 200 times more than other workers and their pay hikes keep outpacing employees. It’s an ‘outrage,’ a top advisor says

Two thirds of all Americans believe companies are doing a poor job of reigning in the wealth gap between CEOs and typical employees,...

Former head of NSA joins OpenAI board

OpenAI has appointed Paul M. Nakasone, a retired general of the US Army and a former head of the National Security Agency (NSA),...

LinkedIn expands its AI job-hunting features for Premium subscribers

LinkedIn is rolling out new AI-powered features to help users find jobs, tailor their resumes, and even get advice from AI chatbots. But...