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Opinion | The Truth About Net Zero, at Last

The great and good of politics and business have converged on Dubai this week for the global climate conference known as COP28, and by now they must wish...

Opinion | Never Trumpers Never Learn

Their ‘dictator’ talk only invites more incompetent election meddling in 2024 and beyond. Source link

Opinion | The New Hunter Biden Indictments

Why did he turn down a plea deal? Source link

Opinion | John Kerry and CO2 Emissions Reality

Give John Kerry credit for persistence if not realism. President Biden’s climate envoy keeps demanding the end of fossil fuels while the world continues to blow through his...

Opinion | Worker Shortage Eases a Little at Small Firms

The latest NFIB monthly survey finds fewer companies in need of new employees. Source link

Opinion | Joe Biden’s Assist to Hunter’s Business

House investigators keep digging into the Biden family business, and this week comes new evidence of the ways Joe Biden helped his son using alias email accounts.Internal Revenue...

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A rivalry that predates the Civil War is about to heat up with a vote on subsidizing a new stadium

A 170-year-old rivalry is flaring up as Kansas lawmakers try to snatch the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs away from Missouri even though economists...

A rare flesh-eating bacteria with a ‘terrifying’ mortality rate that can kill people in 48 hours is spreading in Japan

A disease caused by a rare “flesh-eating bacteria” that can kill people within 48 hours is spreading in Japan after the country relaxed...

Meet the co-owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks: A casino mogul trying to bring gambling to a reluctant state

As Game 3 of the NBA Finals tipped off at the American Airlines Center on Wednesday, Patrick Dumont, the new co-owner of the...

NASA says Voyager 1 is fully back online months after it stopped making sense

Voyager 1, the farthest human-made craft from the Earth, is finally sending back data from all four of its scientific instruments, NASA said...

Colliding hot and cold fronts whipsaw the U.S. with extreme heat, flooding, and a chance of snow

After days of intense flooding in Florida, that state and many others are bracing for an intense heat wave, while the Pacific Northwest will experience...