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Opinion | The Child Tax Credit Is a Failed Experiment

I introduced the idea in a 1993 Heritage Foundation paper. It was a lot better in theory than in practice. Source link

Opinion | California Heads for a Budget Crunch

The state that relies on the rich for revenue now faces a $25 billion shortfall. Source link

Opinion | How to Suffocate Britain’s Economy

the Tories really think they can tax and spend their way to growth. Source link

Opinion | Ballot Measures and Ideological Sorting

Union victories offer reasons to leave Illinois and Massachusetts. Source link

Opinion | Jared Polis, a Democrat for Lower Taxes

Colorado’s governor backs a second ballot initiative to cut rates. Source link

Opinion | End the Inflation Tax on Capital Gains

Wage earners are no longer subject to bracket creep, but investors still take a hit when the dollar declines in value. Source link

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Wall Street forecasters are struggling to keep up with the stock market’s relentless surge as the S&P 500 blows past year-end targets

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. strategists have boosted their year-end target for the S&P 500 Index for a third time, reflecting Wall Street’s optimistic...

People are ‘desperately willing’ to dump thousands of dollars on sham stem-cell injections

The mailings promised “Life Without Pain!” via stem cell injections or IVs administered in a patient’s own home. The allure was obvious: more...

Big-box chains are funding a California ballot measure to crack down on retail theft, setting up clash with progressive lawmakers

With retail theft increasing, California Democratic leadership is clashing with a coalition of law enforcement and business groups in a fierce political fight...

The first US Nintendo commercial might not have been from Nintendo at all

Nintendo is a gaming juggernaut today, but it wasn’t really on anyone’s radar in the United States in 1980. And what was possibly...

A bank doled out $19 million to two executives just to keep them from walking away—but there are strings attached

Citizens Financial Group just slapped a pair of “golden handcuffs” on two executives who might someday lead the bank. The 14th-largest bank with $222...