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Opinion | Another Black Monday May Be Around the Corner

By John Greenwood and Steve H. HankeThe Federal Reserve’s policies are threatening U.S. financial markets and the economy. They are in danger of a steep recession and...

Opinion | AI Can Do as Bad a Job as Your PR Department

News releases these days are full of meaningless nothingisms, which a robot could easily produce. Source link

Opinion | Twitter Is Now X? Why Not the Elon Enterprise?

Musk and Zuckerberg could learn a thing or two about branding from old-fashioned newspapers. Source link

Opinion | If the Economy Collapses, Do You Back Biden or Trump for 2024?

It’s a vexing question, but a crisis wouldn’t be all that shocking an October surprise next year. Source link

Opinion | No Inflation Rest for the Federal Reserve

A surge in consumer prices in August led to another monthly decline in real wages. Source link

Opinion | Gary Gensler’s Plan to Control Information

The SEC wants to limit ‘protective data analytics.’ The result would be to throttle market dynamism. Source link

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Mexico’s Maya Train could cost $30bn and so far draws only 5% of the passengers expected

The pet rail project of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador could wind up costing as much as $30 billion, is only half finished...

Elgato’s limited-edition atomic purple Stream Deck is $35 off for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is just beginning, and Elgato is already dropping a sweet deal. Prime subscribers can get the limited-edition atomic purple version...

Experts worry that a U.S.-China cold war could turn hot

If there’s one thing both the U.S. Democratic and Republican parties can agree on, it’s being tough on China. The Biden administration has...

Republican National Convention focuses on Trump’s economic plans

The first night of the Republican National Convention kept its official focus on the economy Monday even after Saturday’s shooting at a rally in Pennsylvania...

Bosses and employees have wildly different expectations about how much time they can save with AI

Have you ever felt a mismatch between your own expectations and those of your boss? With the proliferation of Generative AI, that mismatch...