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Opinion | Lucid’s $227,802 EV Loss Leader

Ford Motor Co. lost $62,016 on each electric vehicle it sold during this year’s third quarter. But that looks like a business success compared to Lucid Motors, the...

Opinion | Job Openings Still in the ‘Stratosphere’

NFIB says the labor market remains tight at small firms. Source link

Opinion | Fewer Small Firms Raise Wages…

... but expectations of future pay hikes are rising, according to the latest NFIB employment survey. Source link

Opinion | Small Firms Still Trying to Hire

The latest NFIB survey finds a continuing worker shortage at small U.S. businesses. Source link

Opinion | Another Sad Story of Covid Fraud

Plus, the debate over ‘gender-affirming care.’ Source link

Opinion | Great Job Market Moves Closer to Good

Latest NFIB survey finds small firms seeing less need to raise wages. Source link

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Bosses and employees have wildly different expectations about how much time they can save with AI

Have you ever felt a mismatch between your own expectations and those of your boss? With the proliferation of Generative AI, that mismatch...

The Xreal Beam Pro has good ideas about AR — but not enough juice

There are two possible paths for augmented reality devices. One path is the all-in-one approach, which you might call the smartphone path or...

Third Space’s CEO follows an 80/20 rule for eating out, competes in triathlons at 54-years-old and has made startup investments he regrets

What would you do if you had a six-figure salary? Perhaps you’d never cook another meal again or indulge in a monthly Thai...

Elon Musk is donating $45 million monthly to Trump-supporting PAC 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk donated $45 million to a super political action committee (PAC) dedicated to re-electing former President Donald Trump, a marked...

Agility Robotics’ humanoid robot has its first real job—at a Spanx factory

Digit, the flagship robot at Oregon-based Agility Robotics, raised its hand to wave at the audience at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Park...