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Opinion | Are Americans in the Mood for More Trump?

William A. Galston writes the weekly Politics & Ideas column in the Wall Street Journal. He holds the Ezra K. Zilkha Chair in the Brookings Institution’s Governance Studies...

Opinion | Is NBC Rooting for Trump?

DeSantis appears on Meet the Press. Source link

Opinion | Venezuela Breaks Another Promise

Well, that was predictable. On Nov. 30 the Maduro regime in Venezuela ignored the U.S. deadline to lay out a process to reinstate opposition candidates for a 2024...

Opinion | Will GM Shareholders Survive the EV Meltdown?

With a big share buyback, Mary Barra reminds investors that gas-powered trucks provide the profits. Source link

Opinion | Nobody Said Getting Biden Re-Nominated Would Be Pretty

White House allies block a competitive primary in Florida. Source link

Opinion | Hunter Biden’s Missing ‘Services’

A bank examiner raised concerns about the president’s son’s account in 2018. Source link

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A bank doled out $19 million to two executives just to keep them from walking away—but there are strings attached

Citizens Financial Group just slapped a pair of “golden handcuffs” on two executives who might someday lead the bank. The 14th-largest bank with $222...

The iPad should fold in half

Folding an iPad in half is a very bad idea if you want to keep using your iPad. But hear me out: it...

The $200,000 starter home is going extinct

More than a year ago, Ali Wolf, Zonda’s chief economist, told Fortune the $300,000 starter home was going extinct. At the time, the...

Apple announced RCS with a whimper when it should have been a bang

Apple will finally adopt RCS in iOS 18, effectively ending a yearslong fight for feature parity between iMessage and Android. But the announcement...