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Opinion | Do We Understand Covid Yet? Part Two

Our pandemic outcome would have been better with more debate, less censorship. Source link

Opinion | Second Thoughts on ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

The American Academy of Pediatrics orders a scientific review. Will it be conducted honestly? Source link

Opinion | Identity Politics Could Kill America’s Scientific Edge

Sadanand Dhume writes a biweekly column on India and South Asia for WSJ.com. He focuses on the region’s politics, economics and foreign policy.Mr. Dhume is also a resident...

Opinion | The Titanic Submersible and ‘The Tempest’

Last week’s deadly implosion reminds me of Shakespeare. Source link

Opinion | Cormac McCarthy Was a Man of Science

He was known as a novelist, but in conversation I sometimes forgot he wasn’t a fellow physicist. Source link

Opinion | Medical Journal’s False Consensus on ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

Springer has decided to retract a paper, that received activist blowback, on a technicality. Source link

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Third Space’s CEO follows an 80/20 rule for eating out, competes in triathlons at 54-years-old and has made startup investments he regrets

What would you do if you had a six-figure salary? Perhaps you’d never cook another meal again or indulge in a monthly Thai...

Elon Musk is donating $45 million monthly to Trump-supporting PAC 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk donated $45 million to a super political action committee (PAC) dedicated to re-electing former President Donald Trump, a marked...

Agility Robotics’ humanoid robot has its first real job—at a Spanx factory

Digit, the flagship robot at Oregon-based Agility Robotics, raised its hand to wave at the audience at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Park...

SF Fed Reserve Chief Daly says A.I. replaces tasks, not people

The CEO of the San Francisco Federal Reserve bank gave an upbeat view on artificial intelligence’s impact on jobs, noting that while businesses...

Panasonic CEO issues ultimatum to managers: Deliver results, or be replaced

Panasonic Holdings Corp.’s managers need to feel more of a “sense of crisis” given the company’s low profitability and will be judged accordingly,...