Home Marketing Targeting Kid Gamers: Cartoon Network’s Precise Ads

Targeting Kid Gamers: Cartoon Network’s Precise Ads

Targeting Kid Gamers: Cartoon Network’s Precise Ads


Video advertising company Precise TV will help brands reach kid gamers with its new Precise Gaming platform that utilizes the firm’s COPPA-compliant advertising technology.

Precise Gaming allows advertisers to run branded videos and customized mini games in top gaming applications, as well as run ads next to relevant YouTube gaming videos that suit the brand’s target audience. According to Precise TV, the platform can target over 400 million kids, teens and families across kid-safe applications.

“With the global kids digital advertising market expected to surpass a value of $21.1B by the end of 2031, there’s a significant opportunity for targeted, effective, and ethical advertising that speaks directly to young gamers and drives high engagement for brands,” said Christian Dankl, co-founder and chairman at Precise TV.

Warner Bros. Discovery utilized the Precise Gaming platform to raise awareness of its Cartoon Network show Ivandoe with kids aged 6-12. The campaign focused on mobile and tablet games that are popular with the age group, and also targeted parents on separate platforms, resulting in a branded engagement time of 5,400 hours.

“Precise TV’s unique approach to in-app gaming targeting resulted in some excellent results that we will be looking to replicate across other campaigns in the future,” said Jean da Silva, senior marketing and digital coordinator for Kids in the U.K. at Warner Bros. Discovery. 

More information about Precise Gaming is available on the firm’s website.


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