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Austin Rotter Discusses the Impact of Technology on Public Relations



Technology has reshaped and is constantly changing the PR industry. It is not only cutting out unnecessary steps involved in public relations but also helping PR professionals improve their efficiency. Here’s what Austin Rotter has to say.

Thanks to the evolution of digital media, there’s no question that technology has changed public relations tactics. The reputation of a business now heavily relies on how people perceive it online. Thus, it is now more than ever essential for companies to have a solid online brand presence. Failing to do so also means losing potential customers to competitors.

Not to mention the effort and time that technology can save when it comes to establishing public relations. A business cannot stand out from the crowd without establishing its brand authority in the online world and on social media. Therefore, emerging companies are allocating resources and more than half of their marketing budget to digital campaigns.

In case you want to read more about the impact of technology on public relations, read the views of Austin Rotter. He is a renowned PR professional with significant experience helping innovators, disruptors, and radicals increase their media profile and brand awareness.

How has Technology Changed the Public Relations Industry

The efficiency of PR professionals has certainly increased due to technological advancements. The opportunity to minor public opinion, gather information, and direct engagement has changed the direction of the industry. But the most effective shifts we are facing are in terms of communication, consumer expectation, and selection of the right media channels.

Communication has Become Easier

Technology has revolutionized the public relations industry for good. We can now address a global audience and spread our messages across countries within a few seconds.

A few decades ago, press releases were distributed individually or through the mail. Today, we have digital platforms like PRWeb, Prowly, and BusinessWire for that. What’s more intriguing is that businesses can now understand public opinion.

Technology has enabled PR pros to listen to and analyze their audiences. We can now learn people’s pain points without them having to say anything. The online world, especially social media, has broadened our accessibility. We can develop profiles or audience personas, reach new customers by targeting them online and engage potential clients in conversations.

There are so many channels to communicate and reach your audience. You can utilize Twitter, Facebook, emails, and other ways to spread the word. Then there are more great PR tools to consider that are helping professionals keep track of their efforts and manage their clients.

Consumers have Greater Expectations

There’s a reason why service businesses hire PR pros. They have a fear of social media. That’s because the dynamic of trust has been altered by technology. Today’s consumers are more skeptical because they have access to so much data. There is such a great deal of information on the internet that consumers have become doubtful.

People look up to credible sources and peers for information. They have greater expectations and expect that companies will consider their needs. The choice and use of technology become more critical when we are addressing people who are thousands of miles away.

For example, if you are running a media campaign, you need to customize it according to your audience. You must show that you are well connected with the audience and their cultural differences. Otherwise, you will end up disappointing them as well as ruining your online reputation. For that, you will have to put in the effort, do research, and may even have to change the way you convey your message.

Selecting the Right Media Mix is Challenging

Selecting an effective media mix is the biggest challenge because it keeps on changing. Of course, the choice is heavily dependent on the type of business, consumers, and budget. There are various options available, including Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, emails, and PR websites.

There is also a great risk involved in developing effective media strategies. So, we need to figure out what works best for which business — it means more research. Instead of spending the marketing budget blindly on major platforms, we must search where the target audience is hanging out.

Public relations managers should educate and monitor members of their organization. They need to develop separate plans for each social media platform. Above all, they must have a crisis plan in case negative news goes viral in the media.

The Future of PR is in the Hands of Technology

Technology and public relations coexist. They are two sides of the same coin. It’s clear to us how technology has changed public relations. Provision of valuable tools, automated reports, and in-depth consumer insights are a few to name. Considering these advancements, we can expect that PR professionals will continue to adapt to these changes. Hopefully, the public relations industry will keep on growing over time. But, the way to reap the fruits of technology is through developing effective public relations strategies.

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