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Here’s what’s open (and closed) on President’s Day 2024



George Washington led the American Revolution to victory, laid the groundwork for the presidency and helped to create the U.S. Constitution. And if you happen to have a day off today, you can also thank him for that.

Technically, yes, today is President’s Day. But that’s a retail creation. The official name for the holiday you’re observing, if not exactly celebrating right now is Washington’s Birthday.

“President’s Day” as we know it today was born in the 1980s, after retailers noted the close proximity of Washington’s birthday and that of Abraham Lincoln (born Feb. 12). Some marketing guru decided President’s Day was a broader way to entice customers to come spend their money and it caught on.

There was some talk back in 1951 about changing the name of Washington’s Birthday. Congress proposed celebrating all the leaders of the U.S., but the bill never found traction. Some 17 years later they tried again (sort of), with lawmakers passing the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act.” That moved the celebration from Washington’s actual birthday (Feb. 22) to the third Monday of February. But the focus was still on the Founding Father.

President’s Day might be a federal holiday, but that doesn’t mean private businesses are closed. Some are. Some are operating normally. Need to conduct any financial or government-related business? That’s going to be tough.

Here’s a look at what’s open and closed on President’s Day 2024.

What is President’s Day?

Established in 1885 to honor George Washington, President’s Day is a floating holiday that can take place from Feb. 15 to 21st. It falls on the third Monday of February.

The day was originally referred to as Washington’s Birthday (a now-ironic name, since the first president was born on Feb. 22), and is still called that in Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Louisiana and New York. Virginia calls it George Washington Day. Five other states call it some offshoot of Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday. And Alabama, for some reason, calls it George Washington/Thomas Jefferson Birthday, despite the fact that Jefferson wasn’t born until April 13.

Are banks open on President’s Day?

They’re not. President’s Day is a federal holiday, meaning most banks will take the day off. You can, of course, still use ATM machines and online services to get cash or put money into your account.

Will there be any mail delivery on President’s Day?

U.S. Postal Service mail delivery is suspended today, but UPS and FedEx will conduct business as usual, including deliveries for all divisions. In addition, all of their drop off locations will have normal hours. Ground service for both could see some interruptions, however, due to the USPS closure.

Is the stock market open on President’s Day?

Nope. The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and bond markets are all closed today. Their next scheduled holiday is Good Friday on March 29.

Are government offices open on President’s Day?

Federal offices will be closed, and virtually all city, county and state divisions take a day off as well. That means everything from schools to DMV offices to courts and city halls will be shut down for the day.

Which retail and grocery stores are closed on President’s Day?

Basically, none of them. Despite its holiday status, no major retailer shuts down for President’s Day. Many, in fact, offer special sales with discounts on clothing, electronics, mattresses and furniture.

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