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Hit singer says he’s happier at 36 than when he was famous in his 20s because he stopped chasing unhealthy goals



Mike Posner wrote his hit song “I Took A Pill in Ibiza” on his 26th birthday about 10 years ago. The song illustrates unhealthy habits, unrealistic personal expectations, and loneliness—all things Posner says aren’t true for him now.

This week, he shared a thread on X about the lyrics he says he feels proud to admit don’t define him anymore. At 36, Posner says he’s a new man, thanks to investing in his relationships with his mother and sister, friends, and romantic partners, overcoming sadness and pain, and realizing the patterns he continued to fall into that didn’t serve him. 

“I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and have sustained faith, love, and joy mindset for over a year and am not going back,” Posner shared on X

It’s easy to give into temptations and be motivated by destructive or irrelevant things, like driving “a sports car just to prove” something to others, but as Posner highlights in his post, the key to success is doing it for yourself. 

Posner’s message has been read by more than 18 million people, and many have taken to the comments to express how important his advice was for them to see. Here are a few tips to help maintain a positive mindset to achieve healthy goals, like Posner has shown.

Practice positive self-talk

Start with giving yourself positive affirmations of the work you’ve done, or acknowledging how far you’ve come, like Posner. A short time ago, he was writing sad songs. Now, he writes about the sadness he’s felt, but also how he’s overcoming it.

“It is my duty to teach others to do the same. I know sad songs, but I also know redemption songs, songs of freedom, songs of faith, and songs of devotion,” Posner shared.

As Jay Shetty—host of the world’s number one health and wellness podcast On Purpose—says, a growth mindset is about, “reframing the voice in our heads to be a cheerleader.”

“[It’s about being] someone who’s acknowledging the hard work that’s been put into place,” Shetty previously told Fortune.

Posner’s thread highlights the work he’s allowed himself to do to love himself “more than ever,” including seeking coaches and therapy, and getting sober. 

Set an intention

If you’ve got goals on the mind, set an intention to help achieve them.

According to Calm, setting intentions helps to cultivate a positive and proactive mindset, which guides your daily actions and decisions toward a more fulfilling life. Shetty suggests setting your intentions in the morning to start your day on the right foot.

“It could be anything from ‘my goal today is to lead with positivity.’ ‘My goal today is to lead with an attitude of gratitude,’ or ‘my approach today is to be present wherever I am,’” Shetty says. 

Focus on the good

Posner’s old lyrics were honest about how the singer was feeling at the time. Though he doesn’t shy away from his feelings now, he also remembers more of the good, something he says he’s “not going back” from.

Even if the good is something as simple as a sunny day or a tasty meal, a positive mindset is the sum of all the small victories.

Realize the things that mean the most to you

When setting a healthy goal, put the things that matter most to you at the forefront. Posner overcame his fear of intimacy and avoidant patterns, which led him to realizing how important having a family in the future means to him.

This can also include taking time for things that make you happy—like reading or journaling—that also improve your ability to connect with yourself.

Recognizing the things that matter most to you in life will also help you foster positive relationships with others. If you put your best foot forward, others see that, too.

When thinking about where you hope to be, it’s crucial to think about where you came from. Posner has songs that illustrate this, but perhaps looking through old photos or journals can help you see the growth you’ve already made. Still, If you’re in a difficult space, Posner says to “keep going.”

“You have no idea how good your life may be in 10 years.”

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