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How to Tell If a Guy is Gay or Bi: 31 Signs Your Boyfriend Isn’t Straight



Is your guy sending signals that he might not be straight?  

Plenty of women have found themselves dating a guy only to discover he’s more interested in other men. 

But how can you tell for sure? 

Unless you ask him directly, there’s no surefire way to know if your man is gay or bi (and even then, he may not tell you).

But some tell-tale signs may make you raise an eyebrow. 

How to Tell If a Guy is Gay: 31 Signs Your Boyfriend Isn’t Straight

Is your boyfriend’s behavior making you question his sexuality? Is your “gaydar” sounding in your head, but you’re not sure you’re right?

Here are 31 potential signs that may reveal he’s attracted to men.

1. He Has Predominantly Male Friendships

Your boyfriend seems to strongly prefer the company of other men, often opting for male-dominated gatherings, outings, or activities. His consistent choice might not be just about shared interests; it could also hint at a connection with men that goes beyond platonic friendship. 

Pay attention to the depth of these relationships and the context in which he prefers male company. They could signal something more about his sexual orientation.

2. He Shows Disinterest in Women

Even though he’s in a relationship with you, there’s a noticeable lack of interest when it comes to other women. He might not comment on women who are generally considered attractive, nor does he engage in conversations about female attractiveness. 

His behaviors with other women could suggest that his romantic and sexual interests lie elsewhere and not with women.

3. He Admires for Male Aesthetics

He has a keen eye for the male form and often expresses admiration for the physical appearance or style of other men. His appreciation goes beyond the casual comments that might be expected in a heterosexual man. 

Does he talk about other men’s looks, physique, or fashion with a level of detail or enthusiasm that suggests personal interest? It might reflect a deeper attraction.

4. He Engages with LGBT Communities

Noticing a pattern of him spending time in LGBT-friendly spaces or attending events that celebrate or support the LGBT community? 

His comfort and active participation in these settings, sometimes without any explicit personal or social obligation, could suggest a sense of identity within the community. This voluntary immersion and engagement can signal a personal affinity for the LGBT experience.

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5. He Enjoys Gay Content

Observe his reactions to gay characters, storylines, or themes in media. An enthusiastic or particularly invested response to LGBT narratives can be revealing. It might be more than just support for representation; it could also resonate with his personal feelings or experiences. 

When gay content elicits a strong or emotional reaction from him, perhaps his own identification with the characters or situations is coming through.

6. He Shows a Lack of Sexual Interest in You

How’s your sex life together? A lack of sexual interest towards you that doesn’t seem to stem from other relationship issues or personal stressors is revealing. 

His disinterest is even more pronounced if he seems to avoid physical intimacy or if his affection feels more platonic than romantic. If you notice these things, his sexual attraction might be for men more than women.

7. His History of Relationships is Revealing

Take a closer look at his past relationships or the lack thereof. A pattern of brief, unenthusiastic dating history with women, coupled with close, intense friendships with men, suggests his romantic and sexual preferences are for men. 

Sometimes, a lack of deep emotional connections with past female partners can also be a telling sign of his true sexual orientation.

8. He’s Interested in Gay Culture

If he has a deep interest in gay culture, including music, art, or TV shows that prominently feature gay themes or are popular in the LGBT community, it could be more than just a casual interest. 

It could reflect a personal connection or identification with content that resonates with him on a level beyond mere appreciation.

9. He Avoids Gender-Specific Pronouns

Pay attention to how he speaks about past relationships or potential attractions. The deliberate avoidance of gender-specific pronouns or vague descriptions of past partners can be a subtle hint. 

His linguistic choice might conceal his authentic attractions, especially in conversations where heterosexual men might typically use female pronouns.

10. He’s Unusually Physical with Men

What are his physical interactions with other men? Does he seem more comfortable, frequent, or intimate in his physical contact with men compared to women? 

These could range from lingering touches to more affectionate, close physical proximity that goes beyond what might be considered common between platonic friends.

11. He’s Secretive About His Social Media Activity

His social media behavior might hold clues. If he’s secretive about his accounts, frequently interacts with gay or bisexual men, or follows many LGBT influencers without a clear reason, it could signal a personal connection. 

couple sad sitting on edge of bed How to Tell If a Guy is Gay

This digital footprint, especially if kept under wraps, might reveal aspects of his identity he’s not openly sharing with you.

12. He Feels Strongly About LGBT Issues

What are his emotional reactions toward LGBT rights and issues? If he displays a passionate or personal investment in LGBT causes beyond general support for equality, he might feel a deeper connection based on his sexuality. 

His strong reactions could stem from a personal identification with these struggles, even if he’s not ready to reveal his honest sexual preferences.

13. He Avoids Commitment

Notice if he seems uncomfortable or evasive about future plans that assume a heterosexual partnership, such as marriage or having children in traditional ways. 

He might have an internal conflict about living a life that doesn’t align with his true self, suggesting he might not be straight.

14. He Prefers Ambiguous Relationships

Does he prefer to keep your relationship undefined or resist labeling what you have? This ambiguity might allow him to avoid confronting his sexuality while maintaining a semblance of a heterosexual relationship, revealing possible doubts about his sexual orientation.

15. He’s Uncomfortable with Labels

He might express a distinct discomfort or rejection of labels when it comes to his sexual orientation. While some people genuinely prefer not to label themselves, in the context of other signs, this could be a way of avoiding the admission of a non-heterosexual identity. 

His reluctance to define his sexuality with traditional terms might suggest he’s still exploring or coming to terms with his true preferences.

16. His Jokes and Comments Have Gay Undercurrents

He might frequently make jokes or comments that have subtle gay undercurrents. This humor can sometimes serve as a safe way to express his true feelings or test the waters to see how others react to LGBT topics.

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17. He Frequently References LGBT Friends

Mentioning LGBT friends frequently, especially in situations that don’t necessarily call for it, can imply that he identifies with the LGBT community. His constant referencing could be a way of aligning himself with the community without making a direct statement about his own sexuality.

18. He Is Especially Sensitive to Homophobia

While many are rightfully against homophobia, his reactions could be particularly visceral or personal. 

Does he seem unusually affected by homophobic remarks or situations? It might be because these comments hit too close to home, reflecting his own fears or experiences.

19. He’s Interested in Your Male Friends

It might be more than casual curiosity if he shows an unusual level of interest in your male friends, like asking about their relationship status or personal life. 

It could be a subtle way of exploring attractions or forming connections that align with his sexual orientation.

20. His Body Language Around Men is Revealing

Observe his body language when he’s around other men. Does he lean in closer, mirror their actions, or maintain eye contact longer than usual? 

These non-verbal cues can often reveal attractions or affinities that he might not share with you or others. 

21. He Avoids Deep Conversations About Sexuality

If he consistently steers away from discussions about sexuality, especially in a personal context, it could be a defense mechanism. 

woman crying man hugging here how to tell if a guy is gay

He has discomfort with confronting or discussing his own sexual orientation openly, or he may not have completely accepted it himself.

22. His Behavior Changes Around Known Gay Men

Notice any shifts in his demeanor or behavior when you both are spending time with openly gay men? An increase in nervousness, excitement, or engagement could signal a personal resonance with them, hinting at his own sexuality.

23. He’s Defensive When Asked About Sexuality

Does he become noticeably defensive or evasive when the topic of his sexuality arises? Perhaps it’s related to more than just discomfort with the topic. 

Defensiveness can often be a protective response when someone isn’t ready to discuss or disclose their sexual orientation.

24. He’s Curious About Your Views on LGBT Matters

He’s probed into your thoughts on LGBT relationships and rights, and it’s not just out of general interest but to gauge your openness and acceptance. He’s wondering how you might react if he reveals himself to you.

This line of questioning is a safe way for him to explore how you’ll feel if he announces that he’s bisexual or gay. It could be a way of helping him decide how to best share the truth. 

25. He Has Distinctive Fashion or Style Choices

While fashion alone isn’t a direct indicator of sexuality, it might be a strong clue. If his style significantly aligns with trends or aesthetics popular within the gay community, and you’re seeing other signs, take it as reinforcement. 

His style may be his way of connecting with his identity and the gay community without overtly stating his sexual orientation.

26. He Shows Selective Secrecy About His Past

He may be particularly secretive about parts of his past, especially those that could provide insights into his sexual preferences. 

Maybe he offers vague or incomplete stories about past relationships or experiences, possibly to avoid revealing his attraction to men.

27. His Personal Space with Men is Closer

Have you noticed he maintains a closer physical proximity to men than is typical for casual friends? Does he lean in close during conversations or brush shoulders with guys in groups?

If it seems he’s getting too up close and personal for your comfort, your instincts may be spot on that he has an attraction to other men.

28. His Music and Media Preferences Have LGBT Themes

His playlists, movie collections, and bookshelves are heavily populated with LGBT-themed content. This may mean nothing, or it could reflect his personal identity. 

An affinity for media that explores gay relationships or themes might resonate with him on a personal level. Or he’s trying to better understand himself and desires he hasn’t revealed to you.

29. He Overemphasizes His Love of Women

Is he over-the-top in his comments about how much he adores women? Has he even made disparaging comments about gay men?

He might assert his attraction to women in a way that feels overdone or unnatural. This can sometimes be a cover, a way to dispel doubts or questions about his sexuality without directly addressing them.

30. He Has Friendships with Guys That He Keeps Secret

He tells you he’s meeting up with “Steve,” but he won’t tell you anything about him. He goes out with the guys, but you later find out it is just one guy that you’ve never heard of. When you question him, he gets defensive.

Secretive behavior with a romantic partner can suggest infidelity, or in this case, it might reveal his interest in men – whether or not there’s a full-blown affair happening.

31. You Just Feel It

Something inside of you is screaming that things are off. It’s not that he’s unkind or ignoring you. Maybe your sex life is ok. But you can’t get rid of the nagging feeling that he might be gay or bisexual.

Your instincts have served you well so far, so pay attention to them now. You’re picking up on something you can’t immediately identify, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Why Would a Guy Hide Being Gay with His Girlfriend?

The reasons for hiding being gay or bisexual in a heterosexual relationship are multifaceted and deeply personal, often tied to fears, societal pressures, and internal conflicts. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Fear of Rejection: The dread of losing loved ones, friends and the comfort of established relationships can be overwhelming.
  • Social Stigma: Societal prejudices and stereotypes about being gay or bisexual can deter men from coming out.
  • Family Expectations: The pressure to conform to traditional family expectations can be a powerful force in keeping one’s true self hidden.
  • Professional Concerns: Concerns about potential repercussions in the workplace or career prospects can lead to a life lived in the shadows.
  • Internalized Homophobia: Growing up in environments that stigmatize LGBT identities can lead to self-denial and shame.
  • Uncertainty About One’s Identity: Some men might still be exploring or coming to terms with their sexuality and are not ready to share this journey publicly.
  • Preservation of the Relationship: The desire to maintain a relationship that provides emotional support, companionship, or financial stability might outweigh the drive to live openly.

Can a Man Seem Gay But Actually Be Straight?

Stereotypes often blur the lines, leading to assumptions about a man’s sexuality based on interests, behavior, or mannerisms. It’s crucial to remember that these external traits don’t define one’s sexual orientation. A man might exhibit qualities or interests traditionally associated with being gay yet identify as straight. These can include:

  • Fashion Sense: The idea that a keen fashion sense or a well-groomed appearance equates to being gay is a common stereotype. Style is a personal choice and not indicative of one’s sexual orientation.
  • Interests and Hobbies: Associating interests such as theater, dance, or even certain sports with being gay overlooks the diversity of individual passions and pursuits.
  • Emotional Expressiveness: The stereotype that men who are open with their feelings or who form close emotional bonds with other men must be gay disregards the healthy human need for emotional connection and expression.

It’s essential to challenge these stereotypes and recognize that human behavior and interests are vast and varied, transcending simplistic labels. Understanding and respecting this complexity allows for a more inclusive view of masculinity and identity.

What Should I Do If I Find Out My Boyfriend Is Gay?

Discovering that your boyfriend may be gay can be a surprising and potentially emotional revelation. It’s a situation that calls for sensitivity, open-mindedness, and compassion from both partners. Here’s how you can navigate this delicate scenario:

Communicate Openly

Start a dialogue with him in a safe and non-judgmental space. Express your feelings and concerns while encouraging him to share his own. This open line of communication is crucial for understanding each other’s perspectives and feelings.

Offer Support

Understand that coming to terms with one’s sexuality can be a tumultuous journey. Offer your support and let him know that you’re there for him, regardless of the nature of your relationship moving forward.

Seek Understanding

Educate yourself about the complexities of sexual orientation. This knowledge can foster empathy and insight, helping you navigate your feelings and the situation with greater awareness.

Consider Your Own Needs

While supporting your boyfriend, don’t neglect your own emotional needs. It’s okay to seek support for yourself, whether from friends, family, or professionals, as you process your own emotions and decide on the next steps.

Respect His Journey

Recognize that everyone’s journey with their sexuality is personal and unique. Respect his process of self-discovery and decision-making, even if it means the dynamics of your relationship may change.

Discuss the Future

Consider the future of your relationship together. This might involve redefining your relationship in a way that respects both your needs and his, or it might mean parting ways amicably.

Maintain Privacy

Respect his privacy by keeping the details of his sexual orientation confidential unless he has given explicit consent to share this information with others.

What to Do If a Guy You Like Is Gay and Wants to Be Just Friends

When the guy you’re interested in reveals he’s gay and sees you purely as a friend, it stirs a mix of emotions. First and foremost, acknowledge your feelings—it’s okay to feel disappointed or confused. 

Embracing his honesty is crucial; it’s a sign of trust and respect. Focus on the value of the friendship you share, remembering that genuine connections are multifaceted and not solely defined by romance and sex. The bond of friendship often proves to be one of life’s most enduring and rewarding relationships.

Once you move past the initial disappointment, use the situation as an opportunity to broaden your understanding and support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Final Thoughts

Navigating a relationship in which love and identity are in question can be daunting, especially when faced with the fear that your partner might not be straight. It’s hard to know what to ask or what to say if you discover he is gay or bi. Seeking clarity with compassion and openness can help you better understand him and, ultimately, to paths where both your hearts find true fulfillment.

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