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Is He Just Being Nice or Is He Really Into You? 27 Subtle Signs He’s Totally Crushing



Is he just being nice, or is he flirting? 

It can be so confusing to tell the difference between a guy’s friendly behavior and signs he’s actually into you. 

Sometimes, you wish men came with a manual! 

Before you drive yourself crazy analyzing his every move, relax. 

We’ll walk you through the subtle and more obvious clues that reveal when a guy really likes you as more than a friend – from the way he listens intently when you talk to how he finds excuses to get closer. 

Read on for 27 ways to decode his behavior and tell if he’s crushing hard or just being polite.

Friendly vs. Flirting

Knowing the difference between a guy just being friendly and him actually flirting with you can be tricky.

Friendly behavior is platonic – he’ll treat you kindly without suggesting romantic interest. 

Flirting involves hints that he wants to be more than friends, like extended eye contact, teasing, finding excuses to be near you, or touching you lightly. 

Friendly is about casual conversation, but flirting may get personal and intimate. 

If you feel sparks when you interact, that’s a sign he’s flirting. Friendly is relaxed, while flirting may seem nervous yet excited.

Learn these clues, and you’ll know if he’s feeling you!

How to Tell If a Guy Is Interested in You or Just Being Friendly: The 27 Top Signs He’s Crushing Hard

Wondering if a guy’s interest in you is more than friendly? 

Look for these 27 signs to decode his behavior and see if he’s just being nice or if he’s really falling for you. 

Subtle clues like changes in body language, increased attentiveness, and eagerness to connect can reveal his true feelings. 

1. He Makes Extended Eye Contact

If he looks into your eyes for longer than normal conversation requires, it shows he’s interested in connecting. Brief eye contact is polite. But if he gazes a beat too long or keeps locking eyes, he’s trying to ignite a spark. This urge to stare deeply could mean he’s smitten! 

2. He Remembers the Details

When a guy likes you, he’ll commit little things to memory, like your favorite bands and foods. He’ll recall tiny details from past conversations because he wants to understand you better. If he mentions a small fact you told him once before, it’s a huge sign he’s paying close attention because he’s falling for you.

3. He Finds Excuses to Be Near You

A guy who likes you will suddenly need to be wherever you are. He’ll “coincidentally” choose the seat next to you or regularly show up at the same social events. Finding flimsy excuses to be close to you is a dead giveaway that he feels magnetically drawn to you when he catches feelings. 

4. He Gets Nervous Around You 

It’s endearing when his confident facade briefly slips because you make him so flustered. Signs he’s bashful around his crush include stammering, forgetting what he’s saying, blushing when you compliment him, or fidgeting due to giddy excitement. His nerves reveal how much he wants to impress you.

5. Your Happiness is Important to Him

A friend is casually kind, but a crushing guy is deeply invested in your well-being. He’ll go out of his way to cheer you up if you’re sad and celebrate your wins as if they’re his own. Seeing you smile makes his whole day. This next-level care proves you’ve stolen his heart!

6. He Gets Protective of You

If a guy starts acting extra concerned about your safety and well-being, it’s because he can’t stand the thought of anything happening to his crush. His protective instincts reveal he wants to take care of you. If he shields you from rowdy drunks at a bar or warns you about walking alone at night, it means he feels compelled to keep his darling safe.  

7. He Uses Any Excuse to Touch You

Accidental arm grazing and playful shoulder bumps are his way of initiating physical contact. A guy who’s into you will find sly ways to touch you, like reaching across you to grab something. He craves any electric skin-to-skin moments that bring you closer, physically and emotionally. Even subtle touches give away his serious interest.

woman smiling at man outdoors how to tell if a guy is interested in your or just being friendly

8. His Body Language Changes

A man who’s smitten will subconsciously orient his body toward you. He’ll lean in when you speak, angle his torso in your direction, and point his feet at you. Open posture with relaxed shoulders and hands shows he’s comfortable and feeling the attraction. This magnetic pull is a dead giveaway of his crushing affection! 

9. He Opens Up to You

When a man is falling for someone, he’ll feel compelled to open his heart and reveal vulnerabilities he would hide from a friend. Sharing his dreams, quirky habits, childhood memories, and future goals proves he trusts you deeply. Letting his guard down to bond over intimate details conveys true feelings brewing.

10. Your Opinion Matters to Him

A guy with a crush wants to know what you think of him. He’ll ask your opinion on his new shoes, the meal he cooked, or the story he’s telling to make sure you’re impressed. Valuing your views so much shows that he’s invested in what you think because his feelings run so deeply.

11. He Gets Jealous When Other Men Are Around 

If a guy makes snippy remarks about the cute bartender flirting with you or the cashier asking for your number, he’s revealing his fierce jealousy. The envy comes from a place of possessiveness. He sees other male attention as a threat because he wants you all to himself – a sign of fierce romantic interest.  

12. He Uses Any Reason to Text You

Persistent messaging about mundane details (“I just saw the funniest dog!” or “There’s a marathon next week, want to run it?”) are excuses to connect throughout your day. If he latches onto the smallest shared interest or experience as a chance to text, he’s trying to stay top of mind because you’re always on his.

13. He Compliments Your Appearance  

Flattering comments about your eyes, smile, laugh, or sense of style reveal attraction. A friend might generically say you look nice, but a crushing guy will find specific features he adores. Complimenting your looks shows he thinks about how beautiful you are – a dead giveaway he’s falling for you. 

14. He Makes an Effort with His Appearance

When trying to impress someone, guys will step up their fashion game. Notice if he starts wearing nicer clothes, trendier haircuts, and extra cologne when he knows he’ll see you. Sprucing up his appearance signifies he wants to look his best because you think he looks sharp – and his feelings are growing.

15. He Values Your Input  

A smitten man will ask what you think about decisions big and small, from which job offer he should take to where to go for dinner tonight. He wants to know your opinions because he values your intelligence and feels you just “get” him. Prioritizing your input proves his feelings are turning serious fast.

16. He Opens Up About His Dreams

Sharing his biggest hopes – like starting his own business or traveling the world – means he’s picturing you in his future. Opening up about dreams and goals he doesn’t tell most people shows he wants you to really know who he is. And he’s hoping you share his grandest visions, a sign he’s falling for you. 

17. He Calls Just to Hear Your Voice 

Phone calls for no reason other than he misses the sound of your voice give him away. He longs to connect beyond texts and social media. Hearing you speak satiates his need to feel close to his crush. Skipping small talk to ask rambling questions proves he just wants sweet moments of bonding.

18. He Notices Changes in Your Mood

Your mood shifts don’t go undetected by a guy falling for you. He’ll sense when you’re stressed, tired, or upset and ask thoughtful questions or try to cheer you up. Noticing even subtle changes in your disposition reveals how closely he pays attention because he’s so in tune with you. 

couple drinking wine outdoors how to tell if a guy is interested in your or just being friendly

19. He Values Your Intelligence  

A guy who appreciates your mind and opinions sees you as a whole person. He’ll ask deep questions to understand your perspectives and have intellectual debates just for fun. If he respects your intelligence, it shows he knows you’re a catch – and he’s falling hard. 

20. He Makes You a Priority 

Reordering his schedule to make more time for you proves you’re a top priority, not just a casual friend. If he cancels on buddies to take you to dinner or rearranges his workload because you need him, he’s making sure your wants come first. You’re his number one interest – a sign he’s caught serious feelings.

21. He Gets Playful and Teases You  

Playful banter and teasing you shows comfort and chemistry. Inside jokes you share and gentle mocking about quirks make you laugh together. Nudging you flirtatiously or poking fun at the things you have in common are ways he plays up the darling connection growing between you.  

22. He Finds Ways to Be Alone With You

If a guy keeps engineering time together, just the two of you, he’s trying to kindle a romance. He’ll linger to be the last one to leave an event with you or find excuses for his friends to bail so he can have you to himself. Craving solo time shows he wants to get closer one-on-one.

23. He Opens Up About His Fears  

Revealing private insecurities means he feels emotionally safe with you. Sharing weaknesses he hides from most people makes him feel vulnerable, but he trusts you won’t judge him. Openness about fears or anxieties proves he knows you’ll embrace every part of who he is.  

24. He Smiles and Laughs More Around You

Happiness looks gorgeous on the guy who adores you. When his smiles and laughs come easily around you, it shows you light him up. He’ll try his silliest jokes and grandest goofy gestures, hoping to keep you giggling. Seeing you beam with joy makes his heart sin, too.

25. He Introduces You to His Inner Circle

When he wants you to meet his closest friends and family, it means he sees you sticking around. Inviting you deeper into his world says he wants his inner circle’s approval. Eagerly integrating you socially is a huge milestone revealing his sky-high interest.  

26. He Opens Doors and Pulls Out Your Chair

Chivalrous gestures signify deep care: holding doors, pulling out chairs, lending you his coat when you’re cold. His desire to shelter and provide for you gives away his nurturing instincts. This chivalry proves he wants to treat you like a queen because you’ve stolen his heart.  

27. He Talks About the Future With You In It 

Does he make subtle comments hinting at future plans that include you? Offhand remarks about a concert “we should catch” months away or a destination he wants to take with you signify he envisions you together long-term. These clues show he hopes the magic between you will last and last.

Does He Like Me If He Calls Me Sweet?

When a guy refers to you as “sweet,” it’s often a sign of affection. Calling you sweet suggests he finds your personality kind, caring, and genuine. Using this adjective shows appreciation for the lovely person that you are. It also indicates he enjoys your company and finds you pleasant to be around. 

“Sweet” is also a common compliment used when flirting and trying to express interest. So, if he keeps using this word to describe you, it’s highly likely he thinks you have a sweet disposition and wants to get sweet on you! His choice of descriptor reveals his budding romantic feelings.

What Should I Do If I See the Signs That He’s Interested in Me?

So you’ve spotted some promising signs that the guy you like seems to be feeling the sparks, too. Exciting! Before you get ahead of yourself, though, don’t just assume he’s catching feelings without confirmation. Here are some tips on what to do next:

  • Flirt back a little and see how he responds. If he seems receptive, keep cozying up and give him positive signals. But if he doesn’t take the bait, he may just see you as a friend.
  • Have an actual conversation about your connection. Be brave and tell him directly you like him as more than a friend. See if he admits he feels the same way. Honesty is the fastest route to clarity.
  • Get closer through low-pressure hangs. Suggest casual activities where you can nurture your bond without pressure. The more time you spend together, the clearer it will become if romance is brewing.
  • Don’t make assumptions. He may just be a flirty guy. Keep observing his behaviors and see if the signs persist before you conclude he truly wants to date you.
  • Don’t ignore your intuition. If you feel in your gut he’s interested, you’re probably picking up on legitimate vibes. Trust your instincts, and they can guide you to make the right moves.

The most important thing is to avoid misreading signals. Make sure you two are really on the same page so you know your next steps.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the top telltale signs a guy likes you as more than a friend, you can read him like a book! Remember, his actions speak louder than words. If he’s giving you any of these clues consistently, chances are high he’s fallen for you. So pay attention, trust your gut, and when in doubt, don’t be shy about asking him directly how he feels. 

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