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Super Bowl 58 tickets are going for as high as $62,000



Planning to attend Super Bowl 58, but don’t have a ticket? You’re going to need to hit the jackpot. Maybe twice.

The secondary market price for the big game at this point is the highest in recorded history, with just one exception: the 2021 Super Bowl, when only 25,000 fans were allowed into the stadium due to COVID-19 protocols. With nearly two weeks to go before kickoff, the average price stood at $11,028 as of 11:00 a.m. ET, according to Ticket IQ.

That’s $276 higher than it was just a few hours prior.

The cheapest ticket currently costs $8,300. And if you have an especially good run at the craps table, you can splurge for the East Suite along the 30-35 yard line. That will run you $62,472.

Even parking for the game is commanding ridiculous prices. A pass for the Delano Parking Garage is going for $688.

That $8,300 get-in price is significantly higher than last year’s matchup between the Chiefs and Eagles. Fans at this point were paying less than $6,000 for the game. (The 2021 Super Bowl, for comparison, had a get-in price of $9,223 13 days before kickoff.)

The ticket inflation has nothing to do with Taylor Swift and everything to do with the host city. Sports fans routinely pay more for NFL activities in Las Vegas. The average secondary market ticket for a Raiders game cost $1,035 this year, versus a league average of $416—a 149% difference.

With nearly two weeks before the game, prices are likely to fluctuate, though whether they’ll go higher or lower… well, that’s the gamble fans will have to take.

The Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium on Feb. 11.

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