Home Tech The Finals gets a new game mode, private matches, and more gadgets for season 2

The Finals gets a new game mode, private matches, and more gadgets for season 2

The Finals gets a new game mode, private matches, and more gadgets for season 2


The Finals, a first-person arena shooter, is moving into its second season later this week that introduces a new 5v5 game mode, more weapons, new abilities, and even private matches. It’s a big update to a popular game that’s centered on a destructible environment.

Power Shift, the new 5v5 game mode, is perhaps the biggest change, which sees two teams of players fighting it out to control a platform (very King of the Hill) to score points. The platform itself will tear through the environment and can be rocked by objects and abilities. In this mode, players can even switch between light, medium, and heavy builds to better compete against the enemy team.

The new 5v5 game mode in The Finals.
Image: Embark Studios

Speaking of the three different classes, Embark Studios is introducing new weapons and abilities for its light, medium, and heavy classes. There are a mix of abilities here that are bound to create entirely new ways of interacting with this destructible environment.

Players picking the medium class will get access to a new Dematerializer ability that lets you temporarily erase walls or ceilings, allowing you to shoot through areas before closing up the hole you’ve created. Mediums will also get a new Data Reshaper tool that lets you change enemy mines into chairs or enemy turrets into a table — a good way to knock out defenses.

Heavys get an Anti-Gravity Cube that manipulates gravity so that anything that’s inside of it will start immediately floating. And yes, that includes the cash-out box, so that’s going to make stealing the cash all the more interesting. Lights get a Gateway deployable portal, allowing you to quickly transport between two locations. Anyone, including enemies, can use the portal, though.

The Dematerializer lets you punch temporary holes in walls and ceilings.
Image: Embark Studios

New weapons include a 93R burst-fire machine pistol for lights, a FAMAS burst assault rifle for mediums, and a KS-23 slug shotgun for heavys.

The theme for season 2 is that the game show has been hacked by the CNS collection of hackers. A glitchy neon-style city map has been added to the game, which includes floating geometry to mix up how you parkour around the arena.

For those hoping to see an even more competitive side of The Finals, Embark Studios is introducing private matches in season 2. That will be particularly important for LAN tournaments or just custom tournaments in general. There’s also a new League System for ranked play, with rewards and a career progression system.

The Finals season 2 launches on March 14th for PC, Xbox Series S / X, and PlayStation 5.


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