Home Tech The first Bethesda games are arriving on Nvidia’s GeForce Now service

The first Bethesda games are arriving on Nvidia’s GeForce Now service

The first Bethesda games are arriving on Nvidia’s GeForce Now service


Bethesda’s popular Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein games are making their way onto the GeForce Now cloud gaming service this month, Nvidia announced in a blog post. While Nvidia didn’t reveal the specific titles in each franchise (although the post teases an image of Wolfenstein: The New Order), you must have the Ultimate or Priority membership to get access when they drop.

The new additions are the first Bethesda titles available for streaming on GeForce Now and stem from a 10-year agreement between Nvidia and Microsoft, which owns Bethesda, that brings Xbox PC games onto the platform. Microsoft made the deal as part of its efforts to appease regulators as it moves closer to acquiring Activision Blizzard. The new Bethesda game additions come after the launch of GeForce Now’s new Ultimate tier in January that lets subscribers play games that are remotely rendered on “SuperPOD” servers running RTX 4080-class graphics cards.

GeForce Now Ultimate lets you stream games at up to native 4K resolution and 120 frames per second, in addition to a 240fps option using Nvidia’s Reflex feature. It also makes it possible to enjoy resource-heavy features like ray tracing and the company’s frame-interpolating DLSS 3 AI tech without needing to buy a brand-new card for your rig. The initial North American SuperPOD rollout includes locations you can connect to in the following cities: Los Angeles; Dallas; Chicago; Atlanta; Montreal; Portland, Oregon; San Jose, California; Ashburn, Virginia; and Newark, New Jersey — alongside six European ones, too.

Besides the new Bethesda games on GeForce Now, subscribers today have access to the full version of the hotly anticipated Baldur’s Gate III, while another 41 titles are coming out this month. Just keep in mind that you’ll actually have to purchase the games before you can access them on GeForce Now.

Here are the games launching this week:

And then later this month:


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