Home Tech The Microlino Lite is here to make urban SUVs look even dumber

The Microlino Lite is here to make urban SUVs look even dumber

The Microlino Lite is here to make urban SUVs look even dumber


Swiss company Micro — maker of the happy little Microlino electric bubble car — just unveiled a production version of its Microlino Lite at the Geneva Motor Show. With a 45km/h (28mph) top speed, it goes half as fast as the standard Microlino but can be driven by anyone with a moped license from the age of 14 in some European countries. An entry-model will cost CHF149 per month (about €156 or $169) to lease starting this summer.

Microcars like the Microlino Lite target urbanites who’d never trade in their full-sized car for an e-bike but are still looking for something more convenient to drive in dense cities with narrow streets. You can fit about three microcars in the same space required to park an SUV and their light weight allows them to consume far less energy than a standard EV. They’re great for city commutes to work, quick trips to the market, dropping a kid off at school, and transporting the dog to a park.

The Lite model has the same steel unibody design as its big brother, and measures 2.5m long (8 feet 2 inches), 1.47m (4 feet 10 inches) wide, and 1.5m (4 feet 11 inches) high, with a curb weight under 600kg (1,320 pounds). With 6kW of power (9kW peak) it’s classified as an L6e vehicle which means that anyone with an AM-class moped license can drive it in Europe.

With the base 5.5kWh battery it’ll go about 100km before needing a charge or even up to 177km max for those opting for the larger 11kWh battery pack. The 5.5kWh pack can charge from 0 to 80 percent in about two hours from a 2.2kW Type 2 charger, while the beefier 11kWh battery needs about four hours. The two-seater microcar also comes fitted with a sunroof and a surprisingly spacious 230 liter trunk.

Age restrictions for Microlino Lite across Europe.
Image: Microlino

Pricing starts at CHF149 per month (about €156 or $169) for a 48 month 5,000km/year lease — that’s about twice what some people pay for a Swapfiets e-bike subscription and much less than it costs to lease a comparable Biro electric microcar which starts at €260/mth.

The Microlino Lite is built in Turin, Italy like its more powerful sibling, and is available in blue or anthracite grey with options for a base or premium interior. Preorders start later today for “early summer” delivery. While Micro hasn’t released a list of countries yet, it’s likely a European-only rollout for now.


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