Home Tech Vampire Survivors is being turned into a TV show

Vampire Survivors is being turned into a TV show

Vampire Survivors is being turned into a TV show


Vampire Survivors, one of the breakout games of 2022, is being turned into an animated television show. The show seems to be very early in production (it doesn’t yet have a writer and will be shopped around, Deadline reports), but I’m intrigued to see how the game will be adapted into a TV series.

There’s no real plot in Vampire Survivors. The point of the game is to live for as long as you can against increasingly large waves of monsters while leveling up various weapons and items until you become so outrageously powerful that you can walk away from the game and still survive. (Maybe that’s just how I play it.) Also, there are lots of pretty lights and colors.

There is an official setting for the web version of the game on its Itch.io website, so perhaps the show will take some inspiration from that: “The year 2021, Rural Italy, there lived an evil person named Bisconte Draculó, whose many evil magics created a bad world filled with famine and suffering. It’s now up to the members of the Belpaese family to end his reign of terror and return good food to the table.”

However, I should note that the Itch.io version of the game is now very much outdated compared to the Steam version, which just got its second expansion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the setting laid out there doesn’t exactly apply to what the game has become. If the eventual writer(s) for the show need inspiration, we have some ideas! And I hope the show’s creative team consults James Stephanie Sterling, who has done some funny writing for the game.


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