Home Marketing e.l.f.’s Super Bowl Teaser Packed With ‘Suits’ Stars and Familiar Faces

e.l.f.’s Super Bowl Teaser Packed With ‘Suits’ Stars and Familiar Faces

e.l.f.’s Super Bowl Teaser Packed With ‘Suits’ Stars and Familiar Faces


As in real life, some people in the teaser for e.l.f. Cosmetics’ first national Super Bowl ad are not too thrilled to get an official jury summons.

Ronald Gladden, for one, already did his Jury Duty, and RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant HeidiNCloset has “too much stuff to do” to leave her stretch limo and show up at a dreary courthouse.

On the other hand, former NFL player-turned sports analyst Emmanuel Acho jumps at the chance to serve, saying “let’s do this thing,” and TV legal eagles Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman and Sarah Rafferty seem pumped for a return to their element.

Also appearing in the teaser are Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor, an alum of e.l.f.’s wide-ranging social outreach, and comedian Benito Skinner, who becomes Kooper the e.l.f. intern and sets the video in motion.

After catching the personalities at work and play—with poor Gladden accosted on the toilet and most everyone overreacting to their summons—the video ends with the melodramatic tagline, “See you in court,” on Feb. 11.

The beauty brand, which capitalized on the stardom of Jennifer Coolidge for its regional ad last year, has loaded up on celebrities and familiar faces for its 2024 campaign, with a few still to be revealed.

As is true of most Super Bowl teasers, the spot is intentionally cryptic yet aims to pique viewer interest in the finished product. Unlike most teasers—snippets that often run 15 seconds or less—the e.l.f. video is about 100 seconds long, unfolding in purposely over-the-top snippets.

The beauty brand isn’t alone in stuffing its spot with stars—Bud Light, FanDuel, M&Ms and Uber are all planning multi-celebrity commercials for Super Bowl 58. 

In its expanded foray into the football matchup, e.l.f. will promote its Halo Glow Liquid Filter, a complexion booster that became the brand’s top-selling product last year with the help of TikTok and Trainor.

Zach Woods, an actor-writer known for HBO’s Silicon Valley and NBC’s The Office, is directing the spot, which the brand promises will contain a number of Easter eggs. The in-game ad, coming from creative marketing and communications agency Shadow, is expected to run 30 seconds.