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Gen Z and Millennial Women Are Transforming Super Bowl

Gen Z and Millennial Women Are Transforming Super Bowl


Women have always watched the Super Bowl, with Nielsen reporting that in 2018, women made up nearly half of Super Bowl viewers—surpassing the combined female viewership of the Oscars, Grammys and Emmys.

Brands, marketers and the NFL have begun to embrace female perspectives as part of the football discourse. However, the Taylor Swift Effect has amplified this trend, with 56% of Swifties being Gen Z and millennial women, paving the way for a younger generation of female football fans.

Now, marketers are engaged in genuine conversations about how to prioritize this influential audience. The real question is: How do brands ensure that young women are being represented in a meaningful way, not just during the Super Bowl but also in the wider realm of sports culture, now and in the future?

The answer lies in authentic and inclusive strategies that tap into the interests and values of young women.

Team up with inspiring creators

It’s important that brands partner with women content creators who bring a fresh perspective to the world of football.

Kristin Juszczyk recently set TikTok ablaze with her custom-designed Kelce jacket debuted by Taylor Swift, generating a staggering 20 million views. It was no coincidence that on the same day, the NFL TikTok account got 19.7 million views, with 40% of those impressions revolving around fashion-related content.

Women creators not only fuel conversation but also inspire other women to join in. By embracing the creativity and influence of content creators, brands can tap into the women in the football audience through fashion and beyond, building engagement and contributing to conversations that authentically add value.

Get ready with them

The intersection of Super Bowl, fashion and beauty is having a moment.

On social, there is a plethora of new content ranging from outfit ideas to tips on styling sports jerseys and even weather reports guiding female fans on game day attire. From Super Bowl fashion trends to game-day GRWMs (Get Ready With Me) and makeup tutorials, social content is transforming the Super Bowl into an event that resonates more deeply with female viewers.