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How Super Bowl Advertisers Are Creating Ads for TelevisaUnivision

How Super Bowl Advertisers Are Creating Ads for TelevisaUnivision


The National Football League has a huge Latinx audience, but one that is still underrepresented in the ads we see during the Super Bowl broadcast.

Now that TelevisaUnivision has the rights to air the Super Bowl for the first time, its largest Spanish-language station, Univision, is pulling in some of the biggest brands for its broadcast of the Big Game, including Nissan, Total by Verizon, TurboTax, Metro by T-Mobile and Audi. Some will broadcast dedicated Spanish-language spots, including Nissan and Total by Verizon, while others will air their spots in English.

“For Univision, it’s a significant historical moment for us to broadcast the Super Bowl, and we’re excited about it,” John Kozack, executive vice president of multimedia sales at TelevisaUnivision told Adweek.

Approval from Paramount

TelevisaUnivision negotiated the rights to the Spanish-language broadcast of the Super Bowl, and the telecast is a partnership between CBS and Univision.

Univision said the two broadcasts are sold separately from one another, although there has been some brand crossover.

“We didn’t package any of this together. They did their thing, we did ours, but we’ve seen that a lot of the same advertisers that have bought them are buying us. Not all, but most, and it’s really been a way for them and us to extend the reach in the Big Game,” said Kozack.

It’s also been up to the brands to decide what language they want for the creative. Some have opted to use the English-speaking creative they produced for the CBS broadcast, which CBS is allowing them to do, while others have Spanish-language versions of that creative, or have created stand-alone spots in Spanish, which Univision is allowing them to do, so there will be a mix of languages and creative options on the broadcast.

Another boost for brands is the affordability of buying the Univison broadcast. While Kozack wouldn’t give exact pricing, he said that out of pocket to buy the Super Bowl at Univision is significantly less than the CBS feed. He added that sales have been more than double those of any other Spanish-language network that previously had the rights to the Super Bowl broadcast.

A shift for the NFL

The NFL is making a more concerted effort to reach the Latinx audience, which has a 34 million-strong fanbase and growing, according to the league.

While soccer still reigns supreme, football is increasing its popularity. Hispanic household ratings were up 9% for this past season. About 8.3 million viewers—44% of them women—in U.S. Hispanic households saw last year’s Super Bowl. 

TelevisaUnivision Super Bowl 58
TelevisaUnivision’s Super Bowl 58 matchup promo.