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In the Shadow of Giants: The Makers Behind Super Bowl Ads



Super Bowl ads, often regarded as mini-blockbusters, are a central part of the event’s allure. Amid the glitz of celebrity endorsements and the strategic genius of top-tier agency teams, there’s an often-overlooked cadre of professionals who are the backbone of these advertising marvels: the makers.

The creation of these spots is a symphony of artistic and technical expertise, where producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, sound mixers and a plethora of other specialists bring their A-game. Recognizing these individuals and companies is more than a courtesy; it’s an acknowledgment of the essence of collaborative creativity and the high-caliber effort required to birth these visually stunning narratives.

Some spots from this year (though not many) were not just well-crafted in storytelling and audience connectivity, but also a beacon of inclusivity both in front of and behind the camera, from directors to cinematographers, and from glam squads to sound design.

Let’s delve into some standout instances.

Poppi ‘The Future of Soda Is Now’

Directed by Buenos Aires-born Agostina Galvez, the sparkling probiotic soda brand demonstrated a seamless blend of fun and flair, supported by a female-driven production team from Virtue. This spot reimagined the soda-drinking experience with a vivacious energy.

Google’s ‘Javier in Frame’

A narration of a heartwarming tale of memory and joy was elevated by the emotionally resonant audio and sound design from the women-led team at Heard City.

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