Home Marketing Introducing AIQ: a New Podcast About Leveling Up Your AI IQ

Introducing AIQ: a New Podcast About Leveling Up Your AI IQ

Introducing AIQ: a New Podcast About Leveling Up Your AI IQ


Introducing AIQ, presented by Microsoft Advertising, a new limited podcast series hosted by Cathy Hackl that’s dedicated to leveling up your IQ around all things artificial intelligence.  

Over the next four weeks, the series will focus on generative AI: what it is, how brands can use it to their advantage, and what pitfalls they should avoid.

In episode 1, Hackl sits down with Jenny Nicholson, ecd and creative strategist at Queen of Swords, who shares how to get started with AI, why you should look at curiosity more than fear, and how you can start thinking about GPTs.  

Stream the new episode below, listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or find it on Spotify.

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