Home Marketing Nerds’ First Super Bowl Ad Recreates ‘Flashdance’ Scene

Nerds’ First Super Bowl Ad Recreates ‘Flashdance’ Scene

Nerds’ First Super Bowl Ad Recreates ‘Flashdance’ Scene


Ahead of Super Bowl 58, Nerds teased its first Big Game ad with a 15-second spot featuring musician and dancer Addison Rae teaching dance moves to a mystery student.

Now, the brand’s full Super Bowl ad has been released, revealing the student to be none other than a Nerds Gummy. In a 30-second spot created by Digitas Chicago, the plain Nerds Gummy recreates an iconic dance scene from the film Flashdance as Irene Cara’s “Flashdance… What a Feeling” plays in the background. However, the water that falls from above in the film has been replaced by small Nerds candies that hit the Gummy, transforming it into the brand’s popular Gummy Cluster (a hard candy with a gummy center).

Following the dance scene, Rae is shown happily eating from a bag of Gummy Clusters.

Expected to run during the second quarter, Nerds’ Super Bowl 58 ad also features an updated look for the brand’s existing Nerds characters, which feature big eyes, legs and feet but lack arms. The ad marks the first major evolution of the characters since their launch in 1983.

Nerds Gummy Clusters have been a big hit for parent-company Ferrara, which said the treat has grown from $50 million to half a billion dollars in retail sales in five years.

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