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Reformation’s Brand DNA Shines in Monica Lewinsky Campaign

Reformation’s Brand DNA Shines in Monica Lewinsky Campaign


‘Conscious consumerism,’ the commitment to making purchasing decisions based on social, economic and environmental impact, is on the rise. 63% of Gen Z say they will only purchase brands that stand with them on issues, and 90% expect brands to be involved in causes that improve the world. Gen Z is the fastest-growing and most racially diverse generation and is expected to account for 40% of consumers. They choose brands that authentically reflect their identities and align with their values.

That’s why brand purpose needs to be embedded at the foundation of all brands’ ethos and in their advertising. It goes beyond the products and services offered; it is a reflection of what a brand stands for and its impact on the world.

One brand that has consistently incorporated its values and ethos into its campaigns is Reformation, an eco-friendly women’s apparel brand known for its commitment to sustainability, philanthropy and social impact, all of which are at the core of its DNA.

Most recently, the brand featured former White House intern-turned-activist Monica Lewinsky for its “You Got The Power” workwear campaign. Reformation also partnered with Vote.org for the collection and created a user guide to promote voter registration. It will donate a portion of the proceeds from the collection to the organization.

The goal behind the campaign is to remind people that they have the power and need to vote this year. This is the third election in which Reformation has launched a voting advocacy project to encourage customers to vote.

Let’s look closer at how Reformation stayed true to its purpose-driven brand with a campaign that simultaneously empowers women and elevates the importance of voting.

Empowering women

Over the last decade, Lewinsky’s activism and advocacy for anti-bullying and women’s rights have made her a role model for many Gen X and millennial women, a core consumer group of Reformation, in addition to Gen Z. In this campaign, Lewinsky can be seen wearing a collection of strong silhouettes and suits and reminds people that they’ve “got the power.”

Through this campaign, Reformation introduced Lewinsky to a socially conscious Gen Z and leveraged her influence to send a powerful message about the intersectionality of women and politics.

Building a purpose-driven brand and campaign

Reformation’s partnership with Lewinsky emphasizes the importance of brands embedding a purpose into the foundation of their ethos. By doing so, brands can build a deeper connection with consumers, create trust and build loyalty along the way.