Home Marketing Skims Makes Ad Debut With Kim Kardashian in Every Role

Skims Makes Ad Debut With Kim Kardashian in Every Role

Skims Makes Ad Debut With Kim Kardashian in Every Role


After rapid growth, Kim Kardashian’s apparel brand, Skims, made its TV ad debut, with a futuristic film in which the famous co-founder plays every role. 

The company’s first national TV commercial had a big media presence ahead of the 96th Academy Awards Sunday, running twice on ABC Countdown and six times during E!’s Oscars Red Carpet. Agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the ad after winning the brand’s pitch last year. 

The spot tells the brand’s story in an exaggerated way, through the lens of a secret lab in outer space. Kardashian herself appears in many different guises—a tongue-in-cheek nod to speculation that the mogul can’t possibly do it all. Her “Klones” play Skims’ chief engineer, scientist, test subjects and many other roles, each working tirelessly to test every shapewear product and ensure that they are engineered to perfection. 

Gary Wright’s 1975 song, “Dream Weaver,” is the soundtrack, adding a fantastical element to the narrative and a reference to how Kardashian has made her dreams a reality. 

Along with the film, which will run on broadcast channels and online through the end of April, the campaign will extend through social content and prominent out-of-home placements in Los Angeles and New York. 

An emphasis on craft

Director Frank LeBon approached the Skims ad more like a feature, with elaborate set design, practical effects and shooting on film, while Kardashian spent three days on set, acting out every scene. 

Heidi Bivens, known for her work on HBO series Euphoria, was the costume designer. 

Founded in 2018, Skims was recently valued at $4 billion. Kardashian co-founded the company with Jens Grede, starting with shapewear and expanding into loungewear, swimwear and, most recently, men’s clothing. 

Later this year, Skims plans to expand into physical retail with its first flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York. 


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