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Sky News Lets People View the British Crown Jewels in AR Ahead of Coronation



King Charles’s coronation will take place Saturday, and to celebrate, British television network Sky News launched an augmented reality experience that will let people around the world view the coronation crowns to be worn by King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, as though they’re in front of them in the real world.

Created by Atlantic Productions, the AR experience currently allows smartphone users to place a digital version of King Charles’ coronation crown, the St. Edward’s Crown, on a flat surface in front of them on their device’s screen. From there, they can move around the crown to view it from different angles and tap buttons to learn more about the crown’s creation and history.

The experience will be updated Saturday with a digital version of the Queen Consort’s crown, the Queen Mary’s Crown.

The AR experience can be accessed in the Sky News mobile application and by visiting the Sky News website.

John Ryley, head of Sky News, said, “Whether unifying or polarising, the spectacle of the King’s Coronation is guaranteed to capture the world’s attention. A first for a Coronation, Sky News is giving audiences the chance to hold a part of history in their hands, getting up close to the Crown Jewels in all their splendor and glory from the comfort of their living room and fully immersing audiences in the pomp and pageantry of this special event.”

Anthony Geffen, CEO and creative director of Atlantic Productions, said, “The eyes of the world will be on London for the Coronation of Charles III and while the ceremony itself is almost a millennium old, the Royal Household has granted use of the latest technologies to deliver a 21st-century coronation, thereby allowing an object central to the coronation to be delivered via augmented reality into every home that has access to a smartphone or tablet. I am proud to be involved in this unique piece of public engagement with thanks to the Royal Household.”

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