Home Marketing Titan Casket and Maximum Effort Aim to Bury Daylight Savings

Titan Casket and Maximum Effort Aim to Bury Daylight Savings

Titan Casket and Maximum Effort Aim to Bury Daylight Savings


Daylight saving time starts this Sunday in the U.S., but Titan Casket and Ryan Reynolds‘ agency, Maximum Effort, would like to kill the tradition in order to save lives.

The darkly funny campaign starring David Dastmalchian takes aim at what some say is an outdated tradition.

Dressed in a shiny black shirt, the Oppenheimer and The Suicide Squad actor stands in front of a casket and a ticking clock, explaining that daylight saving time has been shown to lead to a 24% increase in heart attacks and a 6% increase in fatal accidents.

While a company that makes coffins stands to profit from the excess deaths, its brand ambassador notes that the business is willing to wait—since everyone’s going to die eventually, anyway.

The film, which Titan Casket and Reynolds shared on X (formerly Twitter), urges consumers to visit BuryDaylightSavings.com to urge the U.S. government to stop the seasonal time shift. The site features a suggested script, with statistics from the BMJ and Current Biology and a tool to find your legislator’s email.

Maximum Effort approached Titan Casket with the idea for this ad, the brand’s co-founder, Joshua Siegel, told ADWEEK.

“They felt that people should know more about the downside of daylight savings, and thought about which brands could naturally join them to take a hard position,” Siegel continued. “When they showed us the startling data correlating the start of daylight savings with an uptick in heart attacks and fatal accidents, we knew we had to act. This is literally about life and death.”

The website also uses a “Buy Now. Die Later” message to urge consumers to consider funeral preplanning.

“We hope that millions of families learn about Titan, and that they have federal funeral rights that allow them to buy caskets outside of funeral homes, in advance or at the time of need, and often at massive savings,” Siegel added.


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