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A Cat Ruins a Holiday Special in Retro Temptations Ad



Mars Petcare’s Temptations combines holiday nostalgia with cat antics for a cute ad promoting its puree treats.

Created by agency adam&eveDDB, the film recreates a ‘70s-style holiday special. A pair of sisters in glittery outfits sing “Deck the Halls” in front of a studio audience, from a stage covered with Christmas trees and presents.

But their song is interrupted by a tabby pounding on the piano, which their cameraman doesn’t seem to notice. The cat gives the cheesy show a disapproving glare, but is won over by a treat, which it blissfully licks up while dressed in a Christmas cloak.

The ad is part of Temptations’ year-long “Cats Lose Their Cool” campaign, which plays on cats’ aloof reputation. Previous ads have portrayed felines as antisocial teens, art and food critics, and too fashionable to even acknowledge their owners in public.

In each case, Temptations products are presented as a way to excite your “too cool” cat.

“Every cat thinks they’re too cool to partake in holiday fun, but we know that cool exterior will crumble in the face of Temptations creamy puree,” adam&eveDDB creative director Richard Brim said in a statement. “Our new campaign is a fitting addition to the ‘Cats Lose Their Cool’ platform—a funny, nostalgic festive spot to prove just how irresistible Temptations treats are to our feline friends.”

Cuts of the ads in 40 and 15 seconds will run across TV and streaming from Nov. 1 through Dec. 24. The campaign also incorporates PR and influencer support from Weber Shandwick, and organic social content across Temptations’ channels.

Temptations launched a holiday treat bundle including chicken, tuna and beef liver versions of the lickable cat treats, as well as the brand’s classic crunchy and soft cat treats.


Mars Petcare 
Vice president marketing NA: Jean-Paul Jansen 
Brand director: Edwin Padilla 
Brand associate director: Ellora Esbrook  
Senior associate brand manager: Annie Pulizzi 

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