Home Marketing Marketing Roles Rethought: Brands Incorporate AI for Enhanced Capabilities

Marketing Roles Rethought: Brands Incorporate AI for Enhanced Capabilities

Marketing Roles Rethought: Brands Incorporate AI for Enhanced Capabilities


As the breathless excitement around how brands can theoretically use generative AI morphs into marketers finding actual use cases for the technology, like elevating consumer experience through chatbots, some brands, in addition to making C-suite investments in AI titles, have begun adding more effective roles at the vp and director level, while bolstering their teams in product, data and engineering.

Previously, brands such as UnitedHealth Group and Dell Technologies hired a chief AI officer (CAIO). To that, there are 201 CAIOs, mostly within technology consulting firms, as seen on LinkedIn by Simon Lusty, CMO at recruiting firm Aquent. Meanwhile, CPG brand Coca-Cola was an early mover and appointed Pratik Thakar as its global head of generative AI last year.

The growing significance of gen AI for brands presents opportunities for cost-saving content production. However, AI’s soaring cost, and legal and privacy concerns make it risky for brands to rely solely on one executive for strategy development and management.

“The cascading down and building up the teams is what we’re starting to see,” said Lusty. “With that comes the need for director, vp and above level roles necessary for driving AI forward. We are seeing the job title of chief AI officer on the rise, but certainly not widespread.”

Three examples of roles

For example, Wells Fargo is hiring a generative AI director with “8+ years of quantitative analytical experience” to “identify their highest priority gen AI use cases and deliver on these priorities.” The job posting lists the role’s salary range as $207,900 – $431,900.

Meanwhile, NBC Universal is seeking a director of product, generative AI and search, and global streaming with a minimum of “6 years of product strategy/management experience within the media or consumer technology space.” This role, reporting to the vp of personalization and search, aims to enhance engagement metrics such as watch time per user and viewing frequency. The salary range for this position is $160,000 to $210,000.